Typical Organic Breakfast (may be one of the following)

Sliced strawberries with kiwi and mango
Warm popover pancakes with fruit filling
Zucchini-oatmeal muffins
Homemade strawberry preserves

Fresh blueberries with coconut cream
Bridge Creek oatmeal pancakes
Absolutely incredible bran muffins
Homemade blueberry preserves

The Inn, at all times, serves fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, fresh homemade baked breads (e.g., muffins, biscuits, quick breads), freshly ground coffee, and herbal, black, and red teas. Meals are prepared with organic and with seasonal New York state local products.

Organic, gluten-free breakfast is available upon request.

Hot entrees are selected and prepared at the Innkeeper’s discretion and may be served according to guests’ dietary requirements or special request.